Découvrez Ebuka Maliko, le cordonnier nigérian qui fait de la durabilité son sacerdoce

  • Vous allez craquer pour ses chaussures !

Can you introduce yourself and your brand ?
I’m Ebuka Omaliko . I am the Creative Director of Maliko..

Can you tell us about the essence of your brand ?

Maliko is an independent artisanal accessory brand, based in the energetic city of Lagos and appeals to bold, authentic and self-aware individuals. Ebuka Omaliko heads the brand as the creative Director and the founder.
The brand is known for its use of lively colours and boundary pushing silhouettes for its accessories which interestingly explores the joy, drama and chaos of Lagos.
Maliko exclusively engages local artisans as a means of encouraging sustainable craftmanship and ethical practices with use of high-quality leather that are thoughtfully procured in Nigeria to create its iconic pieces.
The brand takes pride in been a socially responsible brand and a solid advocate for sustainable fashion. The brand offer trainings to young people in leather craft as a means of preserving our past artisanal heritage and empowering them.

Why being focus on shoes ?
I love Shoes and it helps me express myself and most times tell my stories . Shoes can sometime be a form of art for me and thats why each and every of our pieces are inspired by something .

What materials do you use for your designs ? And why ?
We use Genuine Leather sourced from Nigerian Market to Make our pieces , for the craft we exlusively engages of different local artisans to make this pieces inorder to create a sustainable chain of production and prevent extinction of these craft

What is the best part from your experience at the last Lagos Fashion Week ?
My best Experience was when i showed my collection which was exclusively based on sustanabilty in fashion

Tell us about the green access ! How did you get there ? ( the project, avantage, concept, your experience ect )
Green access was a competition designed to promote sustainabilty in fashion .We applied online and after that the finalists were selected and we went through rigorous training which exposed us indeptly to sustainability and importance of slow fashion and how we can apply this knoweledge in our diverse brands as young creatives . After these processes we were commissioned to present our collection in Lagos fashion week 2018.
The entire experience has shapened my thought processeses and has modified my design direction and made me a better designer.

What is your thought about African fashion and why ?
African Fashiion is fast evolving and getting more attention in the world stage like never before. Young Designers are springing up and telling beautiful stories of Africa. I believe the just in a matter of time it will be fully explored and will come to its full realization.

Seems like Nigerian fashion industry’s is very focus on local craft…
Oh Yes ! which is actually a part of sustainability . To ensure that our local craft do not go extinct, designers have intensively engaged Local artisans of different craft in making their collections thereby reviving and amplifying our cultural heritage that has been …

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